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Baby quilt

9 February 2011

I finished the quilt I was making for a new nephew.  And, in typically Emily style, I managed to forget about photographing it until it was dark outside, which resulted in not getting a single good picture of it in its entirety.  Stay classy, self.

It’s the first quilt that I’ve entirely hand-quilted.  I’m pretty positive that I will never entirely hand-quilt anything much larger than a baby blanket, ever.


Let them eat kitty crunchies

7 February 2011


I did a couple of quick drawings for a mix I made for Miss Lindsay the other week.


Happy new year!

2 February 2011

Totally excited.  Happy belated new year, everyone!  I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new year’s card for my husband to send out.  I plan on getting them printed later this week when Snowpocalypse starts to clear.

2011 brings new inspiration, a new blog that I’ve been meaning to start for the last six months, and lots of new goals.  Let’s get crackin’!