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24 May 2011

Most people, when faced with a broken umbrella, would probably say something along the lines of, “Oh, my umbrella broke.  I’ll need to buy a new one.”

Me?  I just spend some time sewing all the bits back together.  A little umbrella surgery, if you will.

(And it’s good as new!)


Illustration Friday » Safari

20 May 2011

So tiny!  Please click on the image for a larger version over at flickr.  (Can you tell that I said pbbbbfffttt to shadows this week?)

Back when I was learning Japanese, I would often concoct sentences about tigers.


(I’m taking a walk with a tiger.)

At this very moment!  Though, I guess in this illustration, I’m walking giraffes instead.  Y’know, my own personal safari.


Quilt blocks!

16 May 2011

This quilt is turning out to be more of organic quilt.  Nothing wants to be symmetrical or orderly.  In the process, I’ve learned that I never, ever want to do another quilt with tiny little triangles!


Cinco de meow

5 May 2011

(The Humane Society here in Madison has $5 adoption fees on all adult cats today.)